Construction of nose gear

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Construction of nose gear

Beitrag von Marcel » Mo 26. Feb 2018, 18:05

We had a collaps of our nose gear during landing (gear motor retracted from bearing like in an emergency gear down).
During the following high speed slide over the asphalt runway we lost the gear door and the strut was partially worn.
For repairs we need to know how many Kevlar layers and how many Carbon layers are used to make the nose gear strut. Does anyone have this knowledge?

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Re: Construction of nose gear

Beitrag von dew » Mi 28. Feb 2018, 17:53

Hello Marcel,

you can try to contact Steinbeis Flugzeug- und Leichtbau GmbH.

As far as I was told they still have all the plans for the speed canard and can also manufacture them.

Good Luck.


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Re: Construction of nose gear

Beitrag von Riku » So 4. Mär 2018, 10:35

Thats a good information! What resin you have planned to use at repair? Original resin is Rutapox but is there some approved alternative resin? We are planning to use Araldit LY5052, but we havent found any documentation that it is acceptable.

Br Riku

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Re: Construction of nose gear

Beitrag von D-EJDB » Mo 5. Mär 2018, 21:37

in my opinion,
better is to contact:
they do have plans and knowledge, let them do the work , it is not cheap but worth the money!